Oscar Winski Metals Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Bringing Value to Industry

Oscar Winski Metals Recycling enables industrial manufacturers to optimize the intrinsic market value in their metal scrap materials, while maintaining the most efficient scrap removal processes. Find out how you can start your own scrap management program.

Fueling the Greater Lafayette Economy

By paying local home and small business owners for the scrap metal items they bring in, Oscar Winski Metals Recycling literally circulates millions of dollars a year directly back into the local economy. Find out how you can make money recycling!

Delivering Quality Recycled Product

For decades, mills and foundries have been trusting Oscar Winski Metals Recycling to process and deliver high-quality ferrous and nonferrous materials as reliably and efficiently as possible. Learn more about our metal grading and service capabilities.

Easing the Burden on Our Planet

Saving more than 350 million pounds of metal from going into landfills every year isn’t worth it if we don’t respect the earth in the process. See how Oscar Winski Metals Recycling operates to the highest environmental standards.