Our Capabilities

The professionalism you can expect at Oscar Winski Metals Recycling manifests itself in every nuance of the company.

Nonferrous Metal Recycling

  • Aluminum can separating equipment
  • Insulation stripping equipment
  • Alligator Shears
  • Marathon TR10-75 Baler
  • Plasma and Powder Torch Cutting
  • Alloy Analyzers
  • Copper Granulator / Cable Recycling Equipment

Ferrous Metal Recycling

  • 1,000-Ton Shear
  • Baling Capabilities
    • Harris 324
    • Harris 4036
  • Torching / Cutting
  • Material handlers with magnetic & grappling attachments
  • Rail Siding
  • Mobile Shearing

Continuous Improvement

Here at Oscar Winski Company, we are constantly improving our process, equipment, and skills to provide a safe, reliable, and streamlined enironment for our associates and customers.

We harness technology to ensure your experience with us is smooth, transparent, and precise. All material is graded, weighed, and paid promptly and accurately. 


Every OWMR employee has a minimum of 10 hours in OSHA Safety Training.

Our equipment operators maintain qualifications at or above industry requirements.


Precision is everything.
That is why we inspect, calibrate, and third-party certify our scales every three months.

Community Stewardship

Oscar Winski Company has been a proud member of the community for generations.
We proactively work to make our community a better place to live.

Theft Monitoring

Oscar Winski Company is in regular contact with law enforcement agencies. All retail transactions require a valid driver license and current address and transactions are monitored using cameras strategically placed throughout our facilities.


As an additional measure, we require valid title to accompany all automobile purchases. The named owner must match the ID presented at time of sale of the vehicle.

Radiation Detection

For your safety and ours, we’ve installed a progressive radiation detection system that is set at levels beyond those required by officials.

We will occasionally use a hand-held detection device to detemine which specific material is radioactive. 

Our Fleet

Oscar Winski Company seeks to stand out from the competition with our dedicated dispatcher, and in-house fleet of flatbeds, luggers, and roll-off containers. With Oscar Winski Company, you get the equipment you need, when you need it.