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Thank you for visiting us online – we hope to see you in-person soon at our facility. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or one of our regulars, we thank you for choosing Oscar Winski Company for your metals recycling needs. 

Hours of Operation for General Public:

Monday – 8AM to 4:15PM
Tuesday – 8AM to 4:15PM
Wednesday – 8AM to 4:15PM
Thursday – 8AM to 4:15PM
Friday – 8AM to 4:15PM 

Our office business hours are from 8AM to 5PM, weekdays.

Board Material Pricing

Scrap metal, like many other commodities, experience price fluctuations and volatility. It is common for ferrous prices change monthly and non-ferrous prices can change weekly. Please call our office for the most up-to-date pricing.

Easing Burden on the Planet

Oscar Winski Metals Recycling saves more than 400 million pounds of metal from going into landfills – every single year.

Fueling the Local Economy

By paying local home and small business owners for scrap metals they bring in, Oscar Winski is essential in circulating millions of dollars yearly back into our economy locally!

How to Classify What You Have:

Make sure your scrap metal is ready for us. We do not accept metal items with fluids, gasses, or sealed containers. Be aware that wood, plastic, and other contaminants will downgrade your product, and can even cause your material to be rejected.

Electronics need to go to our electronics recycling facility. 

Have an Item With Freon?

Some items contain Freon. This typically includes freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and chillers.

If you have an item which may contain Freon, Trustworthy Appliance will remove it for a fee. Contact them at (765) 742-6369 for more information.

When you arrive with an item that previously had freon, you must stop at our office and sign our “Freon Removal Form” prior to being weighed. Valid ID is required.


What to Do When You Arrive

If it’s your first time recycling metals with us, relax.
It’s easier than you think. When you arrive at our facility, you will drive through our main gate. Take a left, and proceed toward the yellow truck scale. Depending on your material, do the following:


For Non-Ferrous materials – do not go on the scale. Instead drive past the scale and turn right. Look for the Non-Ferrous receiving doors. If you are unloading Non-Ferrous materials, you will be given a weight-receipt. Please take this to our front office for payment.


For which had Freon removed – park to the right of the truck scale and proceed to the office for a Freon Removal Form. Make sure to have a completed form prior to entering the truck scale.

For all Ferrous materials – proceed to the scale yielding right of way to opposing traffic. The scale has two-way traffic with each side taking a turn. Be sure to stop beside the speaker on the side of the scale to communicate with the scale master.

Welcome to Our Scrap Yard

Our scrap yard changes frequently. Typically, our yard traffic travels counter-clockwise. However, be sure to follow instructions given by the scale operator. 

Our yard has many moving pieces – be mindful of people, forklifts, cranes, and our trucks. Always assume if you can’t see their eyes, they cannot see you.

We have personnel on the ground to assist with unloading your material and to assist with grading and drop location(s)

Getting Paid 

Once you have unloaded your ferrous materials, return to the truck scale to weigh in again. Be sure to yield to oncoming traffic, and stop short to ensure any vehicle on the scale has room to exit. 

Follow the scale operator’s instructions and park out of the way of the traffic flow once you are weighed in the second time without materials. 

Be sure to bring current a photo ID (ex. drivers license, state-issued ID, or passport) to the scrap office. Enter in the doors labeled “Administrative Office” next to the scale and proceed to the counter for payment. 

Our Environmental Impact

Here at Oscar Winski Company, we care deeply about the environment. Our metals recycling operation prevents millions of pounds of material from entering landfills annually. We strive to improve our community, and through recycling of scrap metals we can feed local industries, like mills and foundries, so that new products can be created. 

Metals are some of the most highly-recyclable items on Earth, and we are proud to play a role in the metals cycle as a company, and thank you for helping us in this. 


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