Oscar Winski eRecycling Division

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In our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Oscar Winski eRecycling is postponing all electronics recycling events until further notice. Please check back to our website and Facebook page for updates on when electronics recycling events will resume. 

Most electronics recycling is accepted FREE OF CHARGE.
However, a few electronics recycling items incur an acceptance fee.

• TVs contain materials that are poisonous to humans and expensive to recover.
• Breaking down wood-based products for recycling is labor intensive.

Plastic TVs (under 32") - $25

Plastic TVs (32" & above) - $50
Wood or Broken TVs  - $90
CRT Computer Monitors - $25

Microwaves - $20
Misc electronics with wood - $15

Certified Data Destruction
On-site/while you wait - $15
Mailed/emailed  - $10

Electronics Recycling

Residents and business owners like you everywhere are faced with a growing problem—properly disposing of the computers and electronic devices that are continuously being replaced by new technologies.

Oscar Winski eRecycling provides a unique service capability that solves that problem, taking those old devices off your hands, while giving you greater peace of mind with respect to the environment, your data security and your schedule.

Certified material stewardship

Unlike other alternative sources, Oscar Winski eRecycling is registered with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and follows best practices for electronics recycling stewardship—so you know your electronics won’t wind up contaminating some landfill. 

Oscar Winski eRecycling is pleased to announce that we are officially R2 certified and proud to say that we are the first Indiana based eRecycler to obtain this credential.  The R2 certification is a third party audited international standard of health, safety, and environemental best practices.  This is the gold standard in our industry and provides absolute assurance of proper recycling and data security practices.  Please click here for a copy of our certificate.

Certified data destruction

Only Oscar Winski eRecycling offers services to protect your personal identity and/or proprietary business information.

Convenient on-site pickup

Can’t find the time to drop off your old electronics? Call Oscar Winski eRecycling to schedule a visit to your business location.