Logistics & Warehousing Management for Industrial Manufacturing OEMs

As you face the increasing complexities of managing your supply chain in today’s global economy, turn to OWLogistics for contract warehousing services that can make you more competitive. One look at our unique capabilities, and you’ll clearly see how we can deliver more value.

More Opportunities

OWLogistics is a dedicated business unit of Oscar Winski Company, a century-old leader in the industrial sectors of metals recycling and steel and aluminum processing, distribution and fabrication

Our sales and service experience, horizontally and vertically throughout this industry, enables you to profit from our: 

  • Management team’s specific skills in manufacturing.
  • Time-tested expertise in JIT fulfillment.
  • Deep and diverse customer relationships that can open new markets for you.

 More Reliable Delivery

OWLogistics advantages-from our strategic location in Indiana, in the American Midwest, to our QC-inspecting capabilities at international ports-secure the quality, economy and speed of delivery you need.

  • New rail systems directly linking Indianapolis to West Coast ports in Canada, bypassing notoriously congested Chicago rail yards, can cut days off delivery times.
  • Warehoused in Indiana, your products are just one-day ground from 80 percent of the U.S. population.
  • Quality inspection at international shipping ports catch potential defects early in your supply chain, saving you money otherwise wasted on transportation and inventory of insufficient product, and eliminating costly stock-out scenarios.

More Seamless Integration

OWLogistics is all about service customization to optimize your efficiency and timeliness-and, most of all, ensure that you keep your promises.

  • Our proprietary software system easily merges with your existing ERP or other supply-chain management programs, for real-time information and communication in a convenient web-based application.
  • For unique logistical challenges, our lean, agile operational structure gives you direct access to the decision makers who can quickly invest in and bring online any new equipment or systems necessary to meet your needs.