Employee Training Programs

Training is critical to a safe operation. Here at Oscar Winski Company, we utilize multiple methods of training, and train on numerous situations and programs from various accredited providers and agencies.


We are proud to be partners with the Indiana and Illinois Department of Labor by participating in the states’ programs.

Several Oscar Winski locations have achieved OSHA SHARP status. Our teams were, and continue to be, integral in achieving as well as maintaining this goal.

Each SHARP site must have employee and ownership commitment to continue the program. With safety, the challenges never stop, and we are always working to improve.

It is our mission to have all Oscar Winski Divisions SHARP certified by 2025!

You can learn more about being SHARP certified here:

Proactive Safety Goals

Each Oscar Winski division is measured for proactive safety performance. Our objective in doing this is to capture the incident before a safety failure occurs. Our measurements include:


5-Minute Safety Talks

Specific talks generated to deliver a no-nonsense safety topic that can help our teams and their families be safe at work and at home.

Process Audits

These are designed to focus on a work area. It is critical that we provide our team members the safest working area and tools possible.


These are designed to focus on the employee’s behaviors, habits, and reveals what training we need to focus on.

Facility Inspections

This is designed to keep the facility in good order, as well as help the team members learn and understand the safety requirements of a facility.

Near-Miss Reporting

Capturing and measuring near-miss incidents are critical to prevention in the future. We rate all of our near-miss incidents on a proactive and reactive scale.



Because your family is on the road, too.

Moving products from our customers to us, or vice-versa, is a vital step. When our customer needs a product, they need it fast. This is why our trucking department is a critical component to our company.

All of our drivers are specifically trained on OSHA and FMCSA regulations.

Everything from hours of service to cargo securement is regularly trained and re-trained to keep safety a top priority with our drivers.

Oscar Winski Company follows all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to ensure product moves safely – be it coming to us or leaving.

From our family to yours, we want all of us to arrive at our destinations safely.


Environmental Training & Stewardship

Oscar Winski Company has many divisions from recycling metals and electronics, to processing steel and aluminum.

With this wide range of services, we design our environmental training to suit the division.

Being a recycling company, it’s important that we also do our part to be green and recycle what we can.

Our teams play a vital role in being sure our recycling is done properly. Training plays a key role in this.

Oscar Winski Company has been recognized for our environmental commitment and are very proud to continue helping our customers find solutions for their products, too.

Safety Training

Knowledge is power.

When it comes to safety, knowledge can be the difference between a healthy team, or an injured team member.

Here at Oscar Winski Company, we are all family. When one of us is hurt, we all feel the effect. This is why it is so important to help our teams understand safety regulations, and how to put them into applicable practice.

Everything from basic machinery guarding to understanding how the body works with ergonomics, keeping everyone healthy and safe is mission critical.

Our safety sessions range from OSHA 10-hour classes, National Safety Council First Aid & CPR, and all the way up to how to safely rake your leaves in the fall.

Safety isn’t just a thing we do at work, we realize and grasp the importance of being safe at home, too.


As important as it is to practice preventative safety goals, measuring where we are as a company with multiple divisions that operate within multiple industries is very important.

Each of our divisions is measured monthly on their OSHA rate – we also collect NAICS data and grade ourselves monthly as we pursue to be as safe as possible in all that we do.

We are proud to be consistently below industry averages for our divisions – and are always in pursuit of being even better.

When an incident does occur, we carefully investigate. A root cause is determined, and from there we assign tasks and share critical incident information with other divisions so that we can learn.

We currently have several divisions that have achieved multiple years with no incidents. We understand and practice that no incident is too small to investigate.