Scrap Metal Materials: Processed to Your Specs

Mills and foundries throughout the Midwest and beyond have been purchasing ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal products from Oscar Winski Metals Recycling for more than a century.

Our relationships with these scrap buyers have been forged over the years by a parallel commitment to service and material quality—promising you a product graded exactly to your size and chemistry specifications.

For more information, call 765.742.1102
Ferrous materials: Ask for David Bluestein or Dwight Hardy
Nonferrous materials: Ask for Gary Hubbert

Ferrous Products

#1, #2 and #3 heavy melt
2 ft., 3 ft. and 5 ft. rail crop
#1 and #2 dealer bundles
#1 cast
Machinery, auto and mixed cast
Multiple-size plate & structural
Shredded steel
Machine shop turnings

Nonferrous Products

Aluminum - various grades
Old sheet
Segregated alloys
Bare bright copper
#1 and #2 copper
Insulated wire
Stainless Steel/Nickel Alloys
Electric Motors
Nickel, carbide & tool steels

Metal Scrap Capabilities

Material provided for integrated, electric arc, vertical and cupola
Harris TGS324 and TG1218 shear balers — 2 x 2 x variable
Harris 1021 shear
MSE 70 mobile shear
Multiple excavators with magnetic and grapple attachments
Niton alloy analyzers
Ludlum radiation detection [LINKS TO: environmental-compliance/programs]
Trucking and rail shipment
Will ship nonferrous overseas