Metal Scrap Identification

What Materials Can I Recycle at Oscar Winski?

Scrap materials processed at Oscar Winski Metals Recycling can be divided into two categories—ferrous metals and nonferrous metals.

OWC pays you for these materials based on weight—ferrous by the ton and nonferrous by the pound. But we also pay you based on the amount of processing required to prepare your scrap for sale to the mills and foundries that buy from us.

That’s why, if you effectively prepare your scrap in a manner that reduces the processing required at our facility, we can pay you a higher dollar amount. Payment rates are subject to market commodity prices and other variables.

Ferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous metals are iron and iron-based steel items, and they are magnetic.
Click here for examples and classifications.

Nonferrous Scrap Metal

Nonferrous metals include aluminum, copper, brass and other specialty metals. Click here for examples, classifications and grade conditions.