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Oscar Winski eRecycling

Oscar Winski eRecycling partners with local, national, and global businesses and schools in the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and computers. We provide environmentally responsible solutions that ensure 100% digital data destruction. Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets and consumer electronics throughout their lifecycle in compliance with R2 environmental and data security regulations.

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(765) 421-6005

Open Monday – Friday from 8AM to 3:30PM for business customers

Open the second Saturday of every month for public recycling.


Oscar Winski eRecycling offers a competitively priced Buy-Back / Asset recovery program that will help your organization retain a higher dollar value on your old equipment, while supplementing the cost of future equipment.

  • Maximum ROI on your technology surplus.

  • Payment upon day of pickup.

  • Asset inventory audit and assessment of surplus and obsolete equipment.

  • Secure data destruction that is HIPAA &PCI compliant and physical shredding if desired.

  • Detailed audit reporting and responsible recycled certificate.

  • Assurance of responsible recycling exceeding to the R2 and RIOS standards.

  • On-site evaluation for potential asset recovery.

Data Destruction

All data that enters Oscar Winski eRecycling’ s facility is destroyed through processes that meet or exceed NIST 800-88 Rev 1 (12/14)
and/or DoD 5220.22-M standards.

This is done either at our facility or a facility that is a direct downstream partner that is also R2/RIOS certified. In either case, Oscar Winski eRecycling’ s chain of custody starts at your facility and is physically secured through to destruction.

We do offer customized options and solutions for data destruction to meet your needs, such as on-location at your facility. To learn more about these options, contact us!

Recycling Services

Electronics Recycling events are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 8:00am to 2:00pm at our location 1449 Veterans Memorial Parkway East, Lafayette, IN 47905

Most electronics recycling is  accepted FREE OF CHARGE.
However, a few electronics recycling items incur an acceptance fee.

Plastic TVs (under 32″) – $25
Plastic TVs (32″ & above) – $50
Wood or Broken TVs  – $90
CRT Computer Monitors – $25

Microwaves – $20
Misc. electronics with wood (ex. speakers) – $15

Certified Data Destruction:
On-site while you wait – $15
Mailed/emailed  – $10

Upcoming Public Recycling Events:

Event Schedule

We have a recycling event that is open to the public on the second Saturday of every month of the year.

We are open during these events from 8AM to 2PM EST.

June Event

Visit us June 10th

1449 Veterans Memorial Pkwy E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Open 8AM to 2PM EST

July Event

Visit us July 8th

1449 Veterans Memorial Pkwy E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Open 8AM to 2PM EST

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Office (765) 421-6005

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Address of Operation:
1449 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. E
Lafayette, IN 47905

General Public:
Second Saturday of every month from 8AM to 2PM

Business Customers:
Open Monday – Friday
8AM to 3:30PM

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