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You Play a Valuable Role

When you recycle with Oscar Winski, you turn your old, unused metal trash items into a valuable metal-scrap resource—saving landfills from unnecessary waste and putting money directly into your pocket!

Here’s how The Cycle works.

New Consumer Goods

2/3 of all new steel that goes into making products like your washing machine is produced from recycled material

Old Consumer Goods

When you're preparing for trash day, complete the cycle. Separate out items that have renewable metals. Bring them to Oscar Winski and we’ll pay you for them!

With your help, our salvage division processes more than 350 million lbs. of metal scrap every year

Mills and foundries

They buy our processed metal scrap to significantly reduce their consumption of virgin materials

Our steel and aluminum division sources coils, tubing and other recycled metal products from the mills and further processes them for use in the manufacture of new consumer goods.

Earth Friendly. Education Smart.

Invest in the future of our planet — and our kids!

Recycle your metals here, at Oscar Winski, and direct your proceeds to the local k–12 school of your choice. Just let us know which one when you drop off your materials.

Questions? Call us at 765.742.1102

Worthwhile Recycling Tips

Recycling Tip #1:

A Little Extra Effort Can Pay a Lot

Take those old metal appliances apart and separate out the copper, brass, aluminum, stainless and other metals more valuable than steel. They’ll earn you more money!

Recycling Tip #2:

Consult the Magnet

When collecting metals for recycling, keep a magnet on hand. If it doesn’t stick to an item, keep that metal separated. It will likely draw a higher scrap price when you recycle it.

Recycling Tip #3:

Cut the Cord

Before you recycle appliances or other electronics, cut off and separate the cords. The copper wire inside demands a higher price.

Recycling Tip #4:

Quick Compost

You don’t have to be a composting guru to reduce your food trash. If you have a home garden, eggshells and used coffee grounds make an outstanding fertilizer.

Recycling Tip #5:

Order Makes Life Easier

If recycling a “truckload” of metals, separate the different metal types and haul them in groups that will make it easy to unload at the scrap yard. It will shorten your visit, so you can be on your way more quickly.

Recycling Tip #6:

Keep a Lid on It

If recycling plastic bottles, chances are the caps are recyclable too—especially if made of #2 or #5 plastics. Ask your local solid waste and recycling vendor to be sure.

Recycling Tip #7:

Farm It Out

Looking for extra cash? Farms and other rural sites almost always have old metal lying around. If you offer to clean it up and haul it away to a recycler, you might be amazed how much money you can make.

Recycling Tip #8:

See the Forest for the Trees

Paper recycling doesn’t end with newspaper, magazines and cardboard boxes. Paperboard used to make cereal, cracker and tissue boxes is also recyclable—and extremely common in the world around you.

Recycling Tip #9:

Dress the Part

Metals recycling, for all its sharp points and jagged edges, can pose a certain safety risk. Not to mention, old materials can be dirty, which equals infection if you get cut. So, before you go to work collecting, wear safety goggles and thick clothing, including gloves.

Recycling Tip #10:

Hold the Phone!

Getting the latest and greatest smart phone can be exciting. But your old phone contains rare and precious metals that are worth recycling for many reasons. Send them to a certified electronics recycler rather than a landfill.

Recycling Tip #11:

Good Business Cents

If, large or small, you run a business, you likely have multiple waste streams—from paper and plastic, to metal and electronic—that can be recycled. Keep a separate collection for each and put a regular recycling date on your calendar.

Recycling Tip #12:

Be a Proactive Recycler

The most immediate, but often most overlooked, impact you can have on reducing waste is to buy recycled goods. From paper to glass to aluminum, if you’re buying recycled, you’re already one step above buying "renewable."

Recycling Tip #13:

Jackpot Drive

For maximum impact—on the environment and the payoff excitement—conduct an annual neighborhood metals recycling drive, complete with a drawing at the end that rewards one participant with all the money paid out at the scrap yard.

Recycling Tip #14:

Somebody’s Gotta Do It, But It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Job

Give your glass bottles and jars, and your metal cans a good rinse before tossing them in the recycling bin. It keeps the flies and wasps away while you wait to accumulate enough for a recycling trip.

Recycling Tip #15:

Play the Market

Supply and demand for metals will cause the price for these materials to fluctuate—thus, affecting the money you’ll earn from a metals recycling facility. So, watch the market to determine the most lucrative time to recycle.

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