What Happens to the Valuable Data in Your Retired Phone System?

Lately, many businesses in our community are upgrading their phone systems. VoIP Voiptechnology has certainly accelerated this trend. Whether old or new, phone systems can still contain a great deal of important and confidential data. That is why these businesses are calling Oscar Winski eRecycling.

While the old phone systems are not nearly as digitally advanced as the new ones, they may store the numbers dialed, voice mail, and speed-dial and customer lists, to name a few.


When you replace a system, what happens to the stored data? If your phone service installer takes the old system away after the new install, don’t assume they erase or destroy it.

At Oscar Winski eRecycling, we offer companies data-destruction services for phone systems, computer hard drives and most other electronic devices. In fact, our team would destroy your old phone system’s electronic data, verify that the system is clean and provide you with a certified document, stating we have properly destroyed the data according to the R2-certification standard.

So is your business considering a phone system upgrade? Call Oscar Winski eRecycling at 765.421.6005. We’d be happy to make that transition safe and easy by destroying your valuable data.

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