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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Purdue is looking to beat last year’s third place record in the Big Ten Recyclemania competition, but students and faculty need your help to win.

This year organizers hope more electronic recycling will send the school to the top. That’s why they’ve partnered with Oscar Winski Recycling to collect as many e-recyclables as possible, including cellphones, iPads, computers and TVs.

Larger electronic recycling does require a small service fee, but organizer Tamara Mamon said it’s worth the money.

“Because there are a lot of chemicals or hazardous elements that are in electronics that when thrown in a landfill kind of get exposed and go into groundwater and soil or other parts of the environment,” Mamon said.

Many people don’t know electronics can put toxic chemicals into a landfill like lead and mercury.

“What we really want people to get out of this is environmental and sustainable awareness,” Mamon said. “We really want to incentivize people to go out and do something good for the environment that they might not do every other time of the year.”

You can drop off your unwanted electronics at Oscar Winski on North Ninth Street now until March 3 or you can bring them to Young Hall on March 4.

You are also encouraged to bring any recyclable materials to campus now until April to help Purdue win first place this year.

Mamon said even if the school doesn’t win, no one truly loses because every item recycled is helping the environment.