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Electronics Recycling October 8th at the Crawfordsville Farmers Market

September 26, 2011

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA—Greater Montgomery County residents eager to find a safe disposal solution for their unwanted stockpile of old electronic devices now have a convenient, drop site.

Lafayette’s Oscar Winski Company eRecycling, a longstanding recycling champion in the region, will be at the Crawfordsville Farmers market from 8-2pm Saturday October 8th accepting electronic items.

Computers, personal electronics, game consoles, stereos, and flat panel screens will all be accepted at no charge. Old style CRT TV’s and Monitors will be accepted for a $5 fee. Monitors with computers will be accepted at no charge. Refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves will not be accepted at this time.

Oscar Winski combines IDEM registration with the area’s first certified data destruction services to alleviate all of the most common anxieties holding people back from discarding their outdated computers, cell phones and other devices.

Either way, Oscar Winski eRecycling solves the dilemma, giving the community the first secure e-waste disposal option from an environmental-recycling and identity-protection standpoint.

A complete listing of electronic items Oscar Winski eRecycling will accept is available at OscarWinski.com/eRecycling.

Oscar Winski eRecycling is a full-service electronics recycling facility, IDEM registered for proper downstream material stewardship in e-waste disposal. From its location in Lafayette, Indiana, Oscar Winski eRecycling accepts virtually anything in the residential and business e-waste stream, including old computers, laptops, cell phones and more.

Oscar Winski eRecycling is a division of Oscar Winski Company, “the complete metals company,” which also operates its Oscar Winski Metals Recycling division—a full-service ferrous and nonferrous metals salvage facility—and its Lafayette Steel & Aluminum sales division—an ISO 9001-2000 certified steel and aluminum service center.

For more information, contact: Oscar Winski Company, 2217 North 9th Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47904, 765.421.6005, www.OscarWinski.com/eRecycling