Occupational Safety Compliance

Safety Training: as Regular as the Coffee Around Here

It’s so ingrained in the Oscar Winski workday, every single employee has a minimum 10 hours OSHA training, with many going about their jobs carrying 30-hour cards in their pockets.

Having a full-time OSHA trained Environmental Health & Safety Director on staff enables OWC to keep all this training on-site and up-to-date with weekly safety meetings covering regulatory topics, as well as those unique to our operation.

Further, when it comes to the use of our industrial equipment, we tend to go above and beyond government requirements.

All forklift operators are certified every three years per OSHA requirements.

Though not mandated, all material handler operators are formally trained.

All overhead crane operators are certified and, though not required by law, are trained and licensed every three years. The cranes themselves are visually inspected every day and third-party inspected every 500 hours.

OWC’s safety director is continuously evolving and teaching a library of simple training modules like these (PDF Links):