Oscar Winski News

The Oscar Winski Company (OWC) (http://www.oscarwinski.com/) has specialized in recycling, processing and redistributing scrap metal from businesses and consumers since 1907. Safety is one of the company’s primary concerns as is the desire to provide an optimum workplace environment. So, when it came time to upgrade its loading dock safety system, the Lafayette, Ind.,-based company chose a steel barrier. The barrier prevents workers and equipment from falling off loading docks—one of the most common warehouse accidents. Its steel panels are powerful enough to stop a 13,100-pound lift truck traveling at 4 mph (and can withstand repeated hits). The barrier’s patent-pending hinged design allows the gate to be unlatched and swung open or closed in seconds. And, its yellow powder-coated steel hinges contain 1-inch pivot pins with oilite bronze self-oiling bushings that are virtually maintenance-free. “Nothing out there compares to it, in terms of effectiveness and ease of operation,” says Daniel Fay (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-fay- 19450434), OWC’s environmental, health and safety director. Fay believes the main priority that OWC sought to address was “protection for our workers,” and that the barrier was the right choice to improve its loading dock safety system. “We had chains across the docks prior, and we all know those won’t stop anything. In addition, chains are often left off,” he explains. “Now, the employees are very prompt to close the barrier. It shows our workers and our customers that we are serious about safety.” US Netting (https://www.usnetting.com/) (800) 331-2973