Your Metals Recycling Visit Made Easy

Step 1: Preparing your load

This can save you time and maximize your money.

First, do not have any materials we cannot accept. See our scrap identification page.

Next, you’ll want to load by metal classification. Otherwise, if metals are mixed, we can only pay you per the lowest priced commodity in your load. See our scrap preparation page.

Finally, if you have both ferrous and nonferrous metals, load so you can remove your nonferrous metals first.

Step 2: Items with refrigerant (CFCs/Freon)

These include A/C units, freezers, refrigerators, etc.
All refrigerant must be properly reclaimed before your visit.
If you have done so, when you arrive, park and enter the main office to complete a form before you move on to steps 3 or 4.

Step 3: If recycling ANY ferrous metal

Your first stop is the scales. You will weigh before and after unloading to determine the weight of your metal.

Please respect others by following these simple rules of conduct:
• There may be a line. Please find your place at the end of inbound loads.
• Everyone alternates. One inbound gets weighed, then one outbound gets weighed. Please wait your turn.
• Do not enter any portion of the scale while someone else is on it.
• When your turn, make sure your vehicle is completely on the scale and pulled up to the intercom speaker.

At the speaker, the scale master will give you instruction. Once he/she clears you, proceed to the yard, where someone will meet and direct you to the proper dump site(s).

Unload your ferrous metals only and return to the outbound scale line to weigh your vehicle a second time. Again, pull up to the intercom and await instruction from the scale master.

If you have any nonferrous metals, skip to step 4.

If you do not have any nonferrous metals, park across from the scales and enter the main office. Inside, present your driver’s license, sign your forms and receive payment.

Step 4: If recycling nonferrous metals

If you have nonferrous metals only, you don’t have to follow step three.
Otherwise, follow step three to unload your ferrous metals first.
Then, after you weigh your vehicle the second time, circle back around, bypass the scales and proceed around to the north end of the building.

There, someone will meet you to receive and weigh your nonferrous metals.
Be sure to keep your ticket.

When unloaded, drive back around and park across from the scales.
Enter the main office, present your driver’s license and nonferrous ticket, sign your forms and receive payment.