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As of spring 2013, Porter County Iron & Metal is proud to announce that it is part of the Oscar Winski family of companies, fueling the engine of metals recycling, processing and distribution throughout the Midwest and across the world.

By integrating and enhancing our service capabilities with those of our new parent company—particularly, the Oscar Winski Metals Recycling division—we’re geared up to offer even more value to you and our entire customer base.

Recycling at Porter County Iron & Metal Easy as 1-2-3

We recycle both ferrous metals and nonferrous metals.

If you have both, you can maximize your payment by organizing your load. It will also save you time if you know what we DON’T accept.

1. If recycling ANY ferrous metal

Your first stop is the vehicle scale. When you arrive, you’ll see the scale alongside the main office, straight ahead.

You will weigh your vehicle before and after unloading to determine the weight of your ferrous metal.

Please respect others by following these simple rules of conduct:

  • There may be a line. Please find your place at the end of inbound loads.

  • Everyone alternates. One inbound gets weighed. Then, one outbound gets weighed. Please wait your turn.

  • Do not enter any portion of the scale while someone else is on it.

  • When it’s your turn, make sure your vehicle is completely on the scale and pulled up   to the intercom speaker.

Follow the instructions of the scale master. Once he/she clears you, proceed to the yard, where someone will meet and direct you to the proper dump site(s).

Unload your ferrous metals only and return to the outbound scale line to weigh your vehicle a second time. Again, follow the instructions of the scale master.

If you do not have any nonferrous metals, park in the lot and enter the main office. Inside, present your driver’s license, sign your forms and receive payment.

2. If recycling nonferrous metals

If you have nonferrous metals only, you may go straight to the nonferrous drop-off. It is to your right when you first arrive. Someone will meet you there to receive and weigh your materials. Be sure to keep your ticket.

When completely unloaded, drive back around to the main office. Park, and enter the office with your driver’s license and nonferrous ticket. Sign your forms, and receive payment. 

3. If you have any questions

Don’t ever hesitate to ask any of our employees in the yard or in the office.
We’re all happy to help!