A Recycling Operation of the Highest Order

The professionalism you can expect at Oscar Winski Metals Recycling manifests itself in every nuance of the company:

Equipment Capabilities

OWC’s versatile equipment operations expand your recycling opportunities.

Ferrous Metal Recycling
• 1,000-ton shear
• Baling capabilities
• Torch cutting
• Material handlers/excavators with magnetic and grappling attachments

Nonferrous Metal Recycling
• Aluminum can separating equipment
• Insulation stripping equipment
• Alligator shears
• Marathon TR10-75 Baler
• Plasma and Powder Torch cutting
• Niton alloy analyzer

Equipment Standards

• Scales: Inspected, calibrated and certified every three months by a third-party source.
• Safety: Every OWC employee has a minimum of 10 hours OSHA training, and our equipment operators maintain qualifications at or above industry requirements. Find our more about our safety training.

Open Communications

Integrity for the sake of maintaining strong relationships is important to us. So, you can always expect that we’ll assist you with regard to the classification of your metals before you unload.

Respect for the Law

Radiation detection: For your safety, our advanced Ludlum system is set at levels far more sensitive than legally required.
• Theft monitoring: OWC continuously works with local law enforcement to stay informed regarding reports of stolen goods, and we do NOT accept scrap metal that we cannot confirm as legitimate.