Become a Metals Recycling “Scrapper”

Metals recycling materials are like buried treasure in plain sight—because many people aren’t aware of the intrinsic value in many discarded metal items we see every day.

This is especially true of nonferrous materials—some of which are also known as semi-precious metals.

If you’d like to tap into this treasure and turn metals recycling into a steady stream of revenue:

1. Get more informed about metal scrap preparation

Find out how you can identify, separate and prepare your ferrous and nonferrous scrap for classifications that earn higher-dollar payments at our recycling facility.

2. Look for metals lying roadside in your community

There are no shortages of hubcaps, cans and other metal waste. Earth could always use the cleanup, and you can get paid for doing the job.

3. Advertise cleanup and hauling services

If you have the vehicle and the initiative, publish an ad in your local print and online classifieds. Many Greater Lafayette and Tippecanoe residents don’t have the time or resources to properly dispose of their heavier metal items. And quite a few, especially farms, literally have tons of metal.

4. Talk to us at Oscar Winski

If you have the right equipment capabilities (tools like a reciprocating saw or torch) and an outward professionalism that aligns with our corporate philosophy, we can often provide you referral opportunities to small demolition projects or connections to tradesmen, mechanics and other lower-volume, but steady, scrap producers who could use your services.

Contact Oscar Winski Metals Recycling today and ask about our “ambassador” program that includes OSHA safety training opportunities.