Scrap Metal Preparation

Understanding how to prepare and load your scrap materials for a visit to Oscar Winski Metals Recycling can make a significant impact on how fast you are in and out, and how much money you make.

1. Make Sure Your Load Is “Recyclable”
We can only buy your scrap metals. We can’t recycle or process other items that are nonmetallic in nature, such as cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, trash or liquids.

In many cases, having these kinds of items mixed in with your metals can cause your entire load to be rejected. In a best-case scenario, even if you have some contaminants that are acceptable, we’ll have to buy your entire load at the lowest possible pay rate called “shredder-grade.”

Click here for more details on what Oscar Winski will NOT accept.

2. Properly Identify and Sort Your Materials
Use our scrap identification section to accurately classify your items, because both major and minor differences in material grades can affect pricing rates.

Review each metal description and look for ways to sort your items by condition grade. Use a magnet to find any steel that should be removed from nonferrous items, and use a file to remove any surface plating to confirm the metal underneath.

Further, look for information on how you can present your items in a manner that reduces the amount of processing required of us to recycle the material.

All these efforts will eliminate surprises or misunderstandings and maximize your dollar amount earned.

3. Wisely Load Your Materials
Sort your materials in your vehicle according to classification.

If you have a mix of ferrous and nonferrous metals, arrange them in your vehicle in a way that will allow you to unload your ferrous first. This will expedite your visit. See our visitor procedures to get the complete guide.

Note: To be conscientious of all visitors, we do not allow cleaning of metals on our property. If you do find after you arrive that an item is of lesser value due to contaminating attachments, we’ll ask that you take the piece back home to clean it if you like.

This ensures the most time-efficient visit for you and all other customers and it keeps debris from being left behind or hitting the ground and potentially causing a road hazard.