A Good Deed Deserves a Reward

In partnership with our neighboring small businesses and homeowners, as well as hard-working individuals who comb the Greater Lafayette and Tippecanoe communities cleaning up discarded metal scrap items, Oscar Winski Metals Recycling has been able to recycle more that 350-million pounds of metal every year.

The best part is, because we buy these metal scrap materials, we also literally put millions of dollars directly into the pockets of these same neighbors, fueling the local economy.

Now It’s Your Turn to Cash In

With the information you can access right here online, you can play your part to save the planet, and make money doing it. With some extra effort, you can even leverage this opportunity into a steady revenue stream.

What Materials Can I Recycle?

Find out everything you need to know about the materials Oscar Winski will and will not accept in our scrap identification section. You may be surprised to discover what’s trash and what’s treasure.


How Can I Maximize the Value of My Scrap?

You can make more money when you visit Oscar Winski if you know how to classify, prep and sort your materials and, then, load accordingly. Get the lowdown here in our scrap preparation section.


What Do I Do When I Arrive at Oscar Winski?

Visitor procedures are very simple and the staff is extremely friendly. These simple guidelines will make the experience fast and easy.


How Can I Make This Opportunity More Lucrative?

There is plenty of metal out there. Take advantage by finding out how to “become a scrapper,” as we say in the business.