Scrap Management: All You’ll See Is the Value


That’s how well Oscar Winski Metals Recycling will integrate with your production lines, making sure your system of metal scrap accumulation, storage and removal doesn’t interfere with or slow your operation.

From the very beginning of the relationship, you’ll perceive Oscar Winski’s unique brand of service that defines what a scrap management program should be.

1. Engaging

From the contract establishment, through the ongoing availability of our scrap consulting, to the transaction moment, we recognize the mutual, long-term benefit of maintaining personal, face-to-face communications.

2. Capable

OWC will evaluate your production systems and refer to a diverse range of equipment in order to establish a tailor-made scrap management process.
• Trucking fleet that includes roll-offs, luggers and semis with open-top, flatbed and van trailers
• Fork trucks and other mobile material handlers
• Niton alloy analyzer for precise material identification
Radiation detection as part of our comprehensive Reasonable Care Program
• Scale system, calibrated and certified quarterly by a third-party source

See our metal recycling equipment capabilities.

For exceptional projects, such as demolition, OWC can also mobilize.

3. Responsive

Whether you have a perpetual flow of material that demands a 24/7 on-call presence, a more periodic, but steady production pace that requires scheduled pickup, or a more inconsistent yield best served by a stand-by service that waits for your call, OWC can be as accessible as you need us to be.

You set the schedule. We’re there when you need us.


4. Transparent

Over the years, Oscar Winski Metals Recycling has evolved to the needs of our customers and developed a method of receiving, weighing, sorting, analyzing, documenting and reporting that can be as thorough, but flexible, as you need it to be.

Bottom line, there’s no guesswork, no shrouded activities.
You’ll know precisely the grades, alloys, volumes, weights and, most of all, genuine values of your scrap material, to the detail you request.

Because, frankly, our relationship with you is worth so much more than any single load or resale opportunity.