Service Center Processes

Manufacturers that have come to value Lafayette Steel & Aluminum as a resource understand how our culture built on relationships translates into a better product and better service.

Unique Dynamic With Production Mills

Lafayette Steel & Aluminum is only half of “the complete metals company” that is Oscar Winski. Our salvage metal recycling division enables us to maintain a more integrated connection to the mills and foundries, knowing them as both a customer and supplier.

Depth of Knowledge About the Customer

Unlike many larger, higher-volume stock-order facilities, Lafayette Steel & Aluminum maintains customer relationships that extend beyond purchasing, reaching engineering, operations and production managers to provide a more consultative service with respect to the product and supply-chain solutions they might need.

Production Agility to Meet Your Requirements

Through our strong relationships with select partner companies in the industry, as well as our international trade capabilities, Lafayette Steel & Aluminum can offer you a vertically integrated processing solution that can meet virtually any size, gauge, corrosion-resistance, strength or ductility specification you might have.

Financial Hedging of Steel Futures

We understand how volatile commodity values can wreak havoc on your profit margins.  Unfortunately, now more than ever, volatility has become part of the new norm and many companies are looking for ways to mitigate their exposure.  Financial hedging can be one solution.  Our customers asked and we have listened.  To explore the use of financial hedging for your business, please call us today.