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Live on STRATIX Enterprise Solution - Jan 2007

Lafayette Steel & Aluminum, an Oscar Winski Company, with headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana, is now live on Invera's enterprise product STRATIX with their Steel Service Center and Aluminum Fabrication divisions. The company has two main locations in Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The location in Indianapolis, Indiana which stocks and processes carbon and aluminum coils has implemented the STRATIX Flat Rolled Production modules that provide additional functionality that is specific to processes such as slitting, cut-to-length and multi-strand blanking. The Aluminum Fabrication division now makes full use of the STRATIX multi-step production system for fabrication, bending, and cutting operations.

Much of the success of the project can be attributed to the Lafayette core team, headed by Project Coordinator Alex Bluestein. "Our team prepared diligently to ensure all of our business procedures were defined, understood, and trained with our end users. STRATIX was very comprehensive in its ability to handle our different business operations yet provide a product that is flexible and easy to use".

A great leap forward for Lafayette was the transition from their paper-driven legacy system to the on-line warehouse operations available within STRATIX. On their prior system the shipping & production office had multiple route bins and scheduling boards filled with paperwork. A quick walk around that same office today and the route bins and scheduling boards are now empty, replaced with STRATIX on-line functions.

Ron Addaman, the General Manager of all divisions stated "This is the smoothest implementation I have been through. We had a fantastic core team to implement STRATIX and the pleasure of working with a software company that responded to our needs quickly".

STRATIX, Invera's state-of-the-art 4th generation product, is a real-time integrated enterprise system to maximize productivity and profitability with comprehensive functionality for multi-step processing and extensive facilities for product tracibility and audit control.

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