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The Daily Beast online website and blog did a national survey after the recent Earth Day to find the Top 25 "greenest cities" in America.

Lafayette was selected No 16.


The Daily Beast wanted to find out where cities stand on their green record the rest of the year, beyond Earth Day. The survey looked at citizen behavior across five categories, each weighted equally, with the final ranking determined by a comparison of each city's performance compared to the average for each category.

The survey looked at the following criteria:

• Average weekday trips on public transportation: Lafayette, 21,511.
• Homes with solar heating: Lafayette, 0.03 percent.
• Residents who think and act eco-consciously: Lafayette, 25 percent.

• Residents who are not eco-conscious: Lafayette, 18 percent.
• Residents who recycle: Lafayette, 60 percent.


New York City is No. 1 in the Top 25 survey. Chicago is No. 8 and Missoula, Mont., is No. 25.  For the complete list of "greenest" cities, visit www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2837/1/ and click on each photo gallery number.

A photo for No. 16 Lafayette shows a view of downtown from the JohnT.Myers Pedestrian Bridge.

The survey also made special mention of the local bus company's efforts -- "The CityBus in Lafayette, Indiana, broke ground on a wind-power project that will provide electricity through wind turbines to city bus facilities."


"Our city's long-standing commitment to green practices is paying off with this national recognition," Mayor Tony Roswarski said. "Besides the criteria measured for this Top 25, Lafayettehas taken a lead in protecting our environment through numerous projects.

"These include rain gardens, LED streetlights, our underground tunnel project that is reducing combined sewer overflows and bicycle racks we've installed downtown, to name just a few."

Since 1993, Tree Lafayette has planted trees in neighborhoods, along downtown streets, and distributed saplings to school children. The group is expected to plant its 1,500th tree this fall or next spring.

Larry Rose, president of Tree Lafayette, said the honor is a nice pat on the back for Greater Lafayette.  "Wow is probably the best way to say it," he said Tuesday. "You never expect something like that."

--Bob Scott/bscott@jconline.com