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New Location and Hours!
Electronics Recycling events are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 8:00am to 2:00pm at our new location 1449 Veterans Memorial Parkway East, Lafayette, IN 47905

Most electronics recyling is accepted FREE OF CHARGE.
However, a few electronics recyling items incur an acceptance fee.

• TVs contain materials that are poisonous to humans and expensive to recover.
• Breaking down wood-based products for recycling is labor intensive.

Plastic TVs (under 32") - $25

Plastic TVs (32" & above) - $50
Wood or Broken TVs  - $90
CRT Computer Monitors - $25

Microwaves - $20
Misc electronics with wood - $15

Certified Data Destruction
On-site/while you wait - $15
Mailed/emailed  - $10

eRecycling: Protect the Environment and Your Data

Bring your old computers and other electronic devices to Oscar Winski eRecycling for environmentally responsible disposal, plus the option to receive:

Certified Data Destruction

Have us completely destroy your hard drive, eliminating everything stored on your device, and receive documented confirmation, either immediately or via mail/email.

Residential Pickup

For added convenience, Oscar Winski eRecycling can come to you. Ask about scheduling a visit to your home or business location.