From Apple to Sony: Electronic eWaste is Built into Most HouseHold Items

Electronics are everywhere and built into many items. And the landfill does not want them. So what do you do with a bank-check sorter or hundreds of other items that get left behind as technology moves forward?

macbookDo you remember your first VCR? Was it VHS or Beta? While it was not the dawn of consumer electronics, it was probably the start of the format wars of our time. if you recall [if you are over 35] or legend has it [if you are under 35] VHS won and became the standard of choice for consumers. Since then, nearly all electronics have been in a constant battle for standards supremacy. More recently it has been BlueRay vs. HD. Again, we saw a clear winner. That left a lot of consumer electronics obsolete in a blink of an eye. Technology moves on and leaves a lot of obsolescence in its wake.

That is why it is good to have a recycler that can take the common items that made the cut and items that did not win out. As a consumer it is fairly straight forward, recycled the Betamax, the HD DVD players, and the Sega Genesis. For many businesses it is not as straight forward. Consumer behavior drives the technology businesses have to use to serve them and DVDitems that go obsolete are not always off the shelf consumer products. We recently recycled a bank check processing machine. Checks are used less and less as other methods continue to win over. The machine was over 10 feet long and weighed at least 800 lbs. Picking it up at their offices was the first hurdle. It was long and wide and we actually had to temporarily remove some of the office doors of the bank to get it out to the loading area. Once out we loaded it and brought it back for manual disassembly.

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