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For the world of industry and the virtue of environmental sustainability, Oscar Winski Company actualizes the concept of turning metal goods into a renewable resource.

Whether you’re a manufacturing giant with a global reach, a privately owned business serving the Midwest, or one of our green-minded neighbors living right down the street, Oscar Winski wants to partner with you to leave our planet a better place on the path to making better products.

Saving The Earth by the Ton

It's something Oscar Winski has been doing since 1907, by purchasing ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap from businesses and the general public, then processing and selling the recycled material back to mills and foundries to be used again in creating new product.

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Solving Tomorrow's Biggest Recycling Challenge

Our world's rapid, ongoing development of new technologies is forming a potential tidal wave of old, obsolete electronic devices with nowhere to go but the landfill. Oscar Winski's newest salvage division offers an alternative.

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Providing the Finest in
Steel & Aluminum

Three certified ISO 9001-2008 service centers in Lafayette, Indianapolis and Chicago, provide manufacturers and retail suppliers with high-quality steel and aluminum sheets, coils, plates, structural steel and tubing, as well as value-added fabrication services.

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